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Fit Mama & Kid Class Eindhoven

(Class will be in English/Dutch)

FIRST CLASS STARTS OCTOBER 22. 2022 at 09:45 hours

Fit mama & kid class

Is it possible to do sports together with your baby or toddler? Of course you can and it is double the fun! Fit mama & kid class is designed to strengthen the body, relax your busy parent mind after stressful days and nights and connect with your child in a fun way.

Stay fit
Since there is so much physical demand on a mama’s body, we bring attention to the pelvis floor, core and back muscles, arms, shoulders, neck, legs, wrists and fingers. Safe and modified yoga poses help to recover after childbirth and keep the body healthy and fit as we require our body’s strength to carry our growing child.

Yoga poses are practiced with your baby lying on the yoga mat in front of you or holding the baby as extra weight. Babies love it! So do mamas.

Relax your mind
Leave stress behind at the yoga classroom’s doorstep. It is your time so forget the chaos at home or where you need to be next. We take our time to pause for a moment, connect and re-connect with ourselves, take a deep breath and be here and now.

Connect with your baby
In this class, we spend time on connecting with your kid through playful touches, massages, hugs, smiles and kisses. Each class can be experienced as a surprise for you and the baby because of the ever increasing bond between the two of you and the development of the baby. Just enjoy every smile and laugh back!

Become a part of the fit mama’s community
Take the opportunity to get to know other mammas with children similar to your child’s age. Sharing tips, advice and just being here for each other creates a sense of support and a gentle reminder that you are not alone.

 Benefits of yoga with your kid class

  • Safe way to recover after the pregnancy and childbirth
  • Fit and healthy body
  • Relaxation & fun for two
  • Quality time with your kid
  • A fun class to entertain your baby
  • Meeting other mums
  • No babysitters needed
  • Babies love it, and so do mammas!

 Class practicalities

  • Class is suitable for babies and toddlers up to 1.5 year old and mothers that received OK from thier doctor/midwife (i.e., after 6-week postpartum checkup);
  • If you child is a bit older and you are both curious about the class, feel free to come and try!
  • You can bring your own yoga mat and blanket for the baby otherwise borrow at the studio;
  • It’s totally okay to change your baby’s diaper during the class or feed him/her!
  • If your kid falls asleep, just let them sleep and focus on your practice;
  • Dads are welcome to join as well!
  • Class is in English/Dutch.

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